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Whether it's your first purchase or you're an experienced investor, it's important to approach your home purchase strategically.
Here is quick guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the home buying process to get you started.

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How it works
Number One
Let's Make a Connection
We'll identify your real estate goals and review the home buying process in current market conditions. I'll learn about your needs, the neighborhoods you’re considering and the timeline. I'll help guide your search.
Number Two
Get Pre-Qualified
Based on your income and credit history, the mortgage broker will determine how much a bank will lend you, to help determine the price range for your search.
Number three
Tour Properties
Now is the time to consider your ideal home’s location and amenities. You will attend viewings and open houses.
Number Four
Submit an Offer
Once you identify a home you like, you can put in an offer. The seller will likely return with a counter offer, which you can accept, reject, or make another counter offer. I will provide advice throughout.
Number Five
Home Inspections
You will select all desired inspections and determine the property condition within the agreed timeline and contingencies.You'll review disclosures and preliminary title report as well.
Number Six
Loan Appraisals
Organize an appraisal with your bank.Your mortgage application and all supporting documentation should be submitted to your lender. The bank then issues loan approval.
Number Seven
Final Walkthrough
You and I will establish the best method
and frequency of communication for updates, metrics, and market info.
Number Eight
Completing the Close
The closing documents are signed, payment is exchanged, and you receive keys to your new home!
Welcome Home!
Congratulations! You are now a homeowner.
The Difference

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Collections lets you compare multiple properties within a central visual workspace. We can monitor market activity in real time, stay in constant contact, and invite collaborators to join in on our search discussions.

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Key Terms
Assessment of the property’s market value, for the purpose of obtaining a mortgage and performed by a licensed appraiser.
Expenses incidental to a sale of real estate, such as loan fees, appraisal fees, and title insurance.
The statement which lists the financial settlement between buyer and seller, and the costs each must pay.
Certain criteria that have to be met in order to finalize the sale.
The percentage of an individual's monthly gross income relative to the amount of debt owed.
A good faith deposit the buyer makes with an offer to show that they are serious about buying the property. In exchange, the seller agrees to stop marketing the property.
An expert conducts a formal review of the property to find visible issues that need to be repaired.
A background check on the property and the seller to ensure there are no outstanding debts or claims upon the property.
Potential buyers provide an overall financial picture and mortgage brokers provide an estimate of what level of loan you will likely be pre-approved for.
Insurance to protect the buyer and lender against losses arising from disputes over the ownership of a property.
A fee paid to the local government to officially report a sale of a home; usually paid by the buyer.
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