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Los Altos, CA

Situated at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Altos is a charming California town that offers spectacular properties and open spaces. Beauty in the bosom of California.

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What makes Los Altos so unique?

A combination of natural beauty, rich history and modern appeal. Many of the properties in the city are spacious and feature luxurious amenities. Its close proximity to major tech companies makes it an ideal location for those who work in Silicon Valley. The natural beauty of Los Altos is one of the main reasons why people buy homes there,  Los Altos offers everything from stunning nature trails to championship golf courses, Real estate investors are also often interested in Los Altos due to its excellent school district and high-quality education.
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The community & appeal

Los Altos is made up of several smaller neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. The historic downtown area is home to the city's post office and library as well as numerous shops, restaurants, and local businesses.
Residents pride themselves on their close-knit community and excellent schools. Los Altos is ranked in the top 5% of all schools in California, which earned the city a place on SchoolDigest.com's 2012 "Best Places to Live" list for school districts. The city is home to Foothill College, West Valley College, and De Anza Community college (all three colleges are part of the community college district).
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Some interesting facts
The city has a strong arts community, with several art galleries and a symphony orchestra.
Some notable accolades that the city has received include being recognized as one of the safest cities in California and also ranking high on numerous other quality-of-life indices.
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