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Los Altos Hills, CA

Los Altos Hills is one of the most desirable towns in the country.
Entirely residential, the town is well known for its upscale homes, beautiful scenery and stunning views. Situated just minutes from Silicon Valley, a unique blend of luxury and convenience.
What makes Los Altos Hills so unique?
Los Altos Hills is known for its unique natural setting. Beautiful views of the bay Among rolling hills and green valleys, the town has a serene and peaceful quality that is hard to find in other places. The city has no commercial zoning, making the town a peaceful oasis in the heart of Silicon Valley. 
The community & appeal
Los Altos Hills is a town with an engaged citizenry that cares about their city and environment. There's a number of volunteer committees dedicated to preserving historical places and protecting open spaces for the community. Los Altos Hills is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The Pathway System is one of the Town’s greatest assets. Away from the roadways, a network of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails that wind through the town. Theres also several preserves dedicated to hiking, including Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve, Pearson-Arastradero Preserve, Stanford Dish and Foothills Park.
Some interesting facts
Los Altos and Los Altos Hills have been home to some of the most innovative people in history such as David Packard, Steve Jobs, Chuck Geschke, and Sergey Brin.
With he stunning views of the San Francisco Bay Area, The Town of Los Altos Hills is one of the smallest incorporated towns in Santa Clara County, with just 9 square miles, and includes 5 more than that which are unincorporated but still subject to its guidelines or annexation
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