Buyer's Tips 07.28.2022

Why it’s important to work with a buyer's agent?

Recently, there has been a transition in the real estate market giving the advantage to home buyers, and there is a topic that has come up.

Why it’s important to work with a buyer's agent?

  • Knowledge A good buyer's agent knows their market, tours properties every week and is familiar with disclosures.
  • Tools Compass buyer's agents have a ton of data at their fingertips, including Compass coming soon and MLS members only, and other insights about the property.
  • Relationships For me, it's the biggest competitive advantage. A skilled buyer agent develops a relationship with listing agents that are key for getting insights for negotiations.
  • Strategy Let's be honest, anyone with a license can write and offer but only a skilled buyer's agent can write a winning offer! It's not commonly known, but the highest offer is not always the accepted offer.

Another thing to keep in mind buyer's agents are paid by the seller, so there is not cost to you!

I hope that's helpful and feel free to reach out. I am always here to help!

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